Minneapolis/Saint Paul Fly Out! @KMSP - 072100ZJUN19

Server: Expert

Airport: KMSP

Time: 02100Z

Remember to follow all ATC instructions (if there is any)

Spawn in 15 minutes before the scheduled event time

Why Minneapolis?

Minneapolis is a large hub for Delta and has service to Canada, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean. KMSP is also the base for Sun Country. MSP is also not a very active airport in Infinite Flight so on June 7th, we will try to fill it up.

Check airlines and destinations and tell me your aircraft and destination and then I will assign you a gate. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minneapolis–Saint_Paul_International_Airport

Terminal 1:

@anon45500775 - CRJ-900 to CLE - Gate C8

Terminal 2:

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Perhaps you could make your topic more informational and more helpful - like this one. Independence Day Fly-Out @KPHL- 041800ZJUL19


Can I have a gate to Cleveland?


I was just about to do this. Its my first time doing an event so I don’t expect it to be that good

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Sure. Is there an aircraft and airline you would prefer?

Not really just keep it realistic

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Ok. Would you mind flying the Delta CRJ-900? You would get gate C8

Sounds good


Is my gate going to be posted on the form itself?

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Yes it will

Don’t advertise your events on other ones.

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K sorry, i thought private group flights won’t count

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If I was two days earlier I would’ve been able to make it…
safe travels

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Few more days until the event. Probably gonna cancel since almost nobody signed up

Hey I signed up! Maybe I’ll help a little

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