Minneapolis Evening Spotting With an Inaugural Flight | KMSP July 1,2019

Hello IFC!

This evening I had the chance to go spotting at Minneapolis St. Paul International to see the inaugural flight of Aer Lingus to our airport using the Boeing 757, it was very exciting and this was the first time I had seen a water cannon salute! I also did some other spotting while I was waiting for the Arrival of the 757.

Here is one cool plane that I saw landing, a Delta Skyteam 737-832 greasing the landing on 30L

After this, I moved over to 30R to catch some other aircraft, here is a United A319-131 taking off past a Minnesota ANG C130 in the background.

After around 20 minutes since I got there, EI-LBR finally touched down. This aircraft is a 21-year-old 757-2Q8, formerly owned by Finnair! Aer Lingus will be operating daily year-round service to Minneapolis using this aircraft.

Backshot with spoilers and reverse thrust active.

Taxiing to parking after exiting the runway.

Water cannon salute! Sadly part of the terminal blocked my view. :(

And the last picture is sadly not mine but taken by Andrew Clark from the Minneapolis St. Paul Facebook Group, showing probably what is one of my favorite moments of every inaugural flight.

Another important event not too related to this but interesting none the less, just 2 days before, Delta operated its first revenue out of Minneapolis using an A220 to Dallas Ft. Worth Airport, super excited to see Minneapolis grow after the 9/11 downturns. Here is N116DU, a week and a half old A220 departing off of runway 12R.

Thanks for looking at my post, if you would like to see more pictures, check out my Instagram.


Incredible shots Daniel!

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Amazing shots! I spotted that A220s inaugural arrival 👀

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Awesome shots. I believe 752 should be transferred to the A321LR in the future

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That’s what the rumor on the street is, some are saying they may be looking to upgrade the the A330 even!


Awesome photos! I was hoping to go there last week but the rain kept me away. Where do you park for your spotting?

Hey EazyE,

I tend to stick around the aircraft spotters area in the middle of the airport at the cargo stands, but for this occasion I payed $5 to go up to long-term parking to take pictures of this side.

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What camera do you use? And how is the zoom?

Holy smoky! Great photos Daniel!

Stunning shots mate. Keep it up!


Hello Captain Barney,
I recently upgraded to a new camera, the Nikon D5600 which has worked great for me over my old D5100. For these shots, I used a 500mm zoom lens.

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Thank you!

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Awesome photos! what kind of camera do you use? (I am thinking of getting into spotting)


Brilliant shot as always! 👍

I actually never knew Aer Lingus was planning to fly a Summer Route to Minneapolis. But I’m glad to hear the good news! And great work.

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Here you are!


I don’t believe it is seasonal, their website also states year round so 🤷‍♀️


My older sister flew into there earlier that day!

Hope you guys enjoy the flight.

Looks awesome…

Great livery and plane…

Probably really boosts your international profile…

Think of all the small airports that would die for a service like that…

Or medium ones…

Like the specific medium one that was rumored to get this flight…

Hint hint…

I promise I’m not salty or anything… 🧂

Only kidding, we’ll partly, enjoy it, it really does look like an awesome flight you luck devils… 😁👏🏻


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