Minimums call out

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So clearly we all know what this is, the call out that says MINIMUM when approaching at an airport, and the pilot then says continue.
Additional info
The " minimums callout is made at the minimum altitude, and this is the point that the Pilot Flying has to make a decision – continue or go around. His response at this point is again standardized so that the other pilot is entirely clear on the course of action.



Hey this would be cool to add! If I were you to make your topic more informative to attract the attention or more is to include a section as to what minimums actually is as you can’t expect everyone to know what it means. When the person reading has a better understanding as to what this means they will be more likely to vote. 😊


@infiniteflight_17 Thank you very much sir. More info is on there


Hey! I believe it’s already built into the app called IF Assistant (at an extra cost).
Would sure be nice to have it in as a standard feature though!


Exactly which is why this would be beneficial so people wouldn’t need to pay extra for an app


I love this idea of it being free! I already spent money on IF-Assistant, and let me to you it is worth it for the realism. Would be great if it were free

The ‘retard’ and ‘100 above’ should also be added

Got My vote

If I’m not mistaken, I believe that the reason why specific call outs such as “retard” don’t exist is due to copyright issues with the aircraft manufacturer. I am not 100% sure on this so don’t quote me, but I do recall seeing something like this before. Hope this helps :)

You could use IF Assistant GPWS, I think you should maybe you should ask for the entire GPWS warnings in IF without IFA.

The main thing with IF assistant is that it costs money. That’s why I am requesting for it to be in the IF