Minimum time for ATC

Since I have bought Live, I noticed that some ATC log on for times that are LESS THAN ONE MINUTE. I noticed this is especially on ground control. And lets be honest here, some of us bought live for the atc (including me). So, it’s always good to have atc controlling your flight.

So, to have ATC remain for a set amount of time. They have to agree to remain in control for a minimum of 10-15 minutes. You may not control if you don’t have enough time which is completely okay. This is just an idea to enhance the realism slightly.

Let me know your oppinions, I will be glad to hear them.

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Then, what happens if they do not?

Training Server ATC, try reach expert as soon as possible for better ATC or try follow IFTSATC

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Thanks for the feedback. I’d imagine this in reference to the Training Server? As the ATC Community Manager, I have set the following minimums for all of our Expert Server controllers:

Class Delta/Charlie Airports: 30 minutes
Class Bravo/Radar Facilities: 1 hour 

We understand that many users enjoy the ATC service so we strive to provide a quality experience without frequency hopping or bailing as soon as traffic begins to pick up. Feel free to let me know if you encounter this on the Expert Server.


This is already a rule for IFATC. The problem with doing this on Training Server is that nobody can stop them from leaving. Even if we had a system requirement, they could just close the app. The only way for this to be effective for training server, even just a tiny bit, is if the controller lost XP if they left quickly.


Last night, I could only control for 2 minutes then my power went out

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Hi welcome! I assure you that we enjoy so much in EXPERT SERVER to do ATC and we control a lot more of the time recommended by our manager!

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Training server
Deltas and Charlie’s and Bravos = chaotic mass

Expert server
Deltas and Charlie’s = 30 mins minimum
Bravos = 1 hour


Sounds about right. 😂

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Hey, if you want a good experience from TS1 Controllers make sure you spot IFTSATC, We make sure we open all of our frequencies and faciliites for atleast 2 hours unless its a busy day then 1…


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