Minimum -sound suggestion

when the aircraft is landing, and approximately at 30-50 feets above the ground. The pilot will hear minimum sound to warn the airplane it is lowest height Which the aircraft can go around without touching the ground. Therefore, I suggest that IF can add this sound when players are landing.


This is a great idea but it was suggested often here. I believe they will ad it at some point.

Minimums callout at 30 - 50 ft? This sounds pretty dangerous :confused:
“Approaching minimums” or “hundred above” is at 100 ft above “minimums” altitude (200 ft).

Maybe you meant “retard”. This callout on Airbuses advises the pilots to set the trottles to idle at 10 ft.


“Sounds”. If ya tweek sounds Dev’s juice up that Turbo on the Spit! It sounds like a “lawn mower” now. Bad JuJu for the purist. Mad Max Sends

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@Laurens “Retard”. Brings back memories of CoPax Jump Seat commuting in an AmWest A-320, DC- Columbus-Phoenix regularly back in the day. Max Sends

Sorry I think that I was wrong on the warning altitude. Anyway, but, these sounds also should be put into the IF Game. Thanks for the correction.

It would be cool but Minimums are different for different runways and I think it would take a lot of time.

It’s funny how non-aviation enthusiasts be like


When you read out the “Retard, Retard!” callout for no apparent reason in front of them 😂

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Agreed! Little sound, huge impact on the overall sim- experience.
Hope, the update brings not only global flight…✌🏼️