Minimum network requirements

Hello everyone!

Just wondering what is the minimum network speed for IF. I have IF installed on my iPad and in my room Wi-Fi doesn’t reach, so I have to make a mobile data hotspot from my phone. The problem is that the speed is kind of low (as seen below) and I don’t know if IF would run properly without crashing. What do you think?

It usually doesn’t get anywhere higher

Thanks for your help! :)

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Should be more than enough. You might experience a hiccup here and there, but shouldn’t cause much problems. I’m experiencing worse with 5 Mbps at best, which works decently enough.


That’s more than enough. I was in Cape Verde last summer and was able to play IF Multiplayer reliably with a download speed of…

A grand total of…

5.1 KB/s




With this connection speed I used to have Infinite Flight disconnecting a lot.

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Thanks! So it should work just fine

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I managed to survive on this for the past week (I’ve been on holiday). There’s not really any ‘minimum’ requirements, just depends on how quickly you want to see the scenery below you, and as long as you don’t disconnect fully consistently. I didn’t experience toooo much abnormalities.

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Can’t help you on this one @Ecoops123! But maybe if you move closer to your router you could get a better connection. I had the same issue until I moved my router closer to my Flight Sim Setup.

Should be fine !

Honestly it’s all kinda up to the Infinite Flight Gods. They decide the strength of your connection.

In all seriousness though, that should be enough. Remember, high amounts of traffic on the server also may cause some lag.

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That should be really enough. My internet speed peaks at around 6 Mbps and its all good no lag even with high traffic. I’m doing this while I’m downloading something. With that still no connection issue or having lag problems.

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Alright! Thanks everyone for your help!

You shouldn’t crash really, although there might have been a freeze back in the days related bad connections and I’m not sure if that issue is still around.

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