Minimum hardware requirements for the future-2019-ANTUTU


There are several posts about this but they are somewhat old.

Above all I want to ask this question with a view to the future, to what will come in Infinite flight. I do not want to be short of the power of my device because for my Inifinte flihgt it is already my main simulator ahead of Xplane 11 that I got tired and I desperate.

The issue is that I have been told by twiter that they are working on putting clouds (I put a photo to see that it is true), I have read that now they will try to put terrain above latitudes of + 60º and then they will add autogen (what more will demand).
Now I have a OnePlus 3T with 6GB of ram, it gives me about 170.000 in antutu and I can play to the top of graphics in Infinite flight in online although it is lagged in very recharged airports, I will buy the OnePlus 7 or the 7T with 8 or 12 gb of Ram, which will be according to the forecasts in Antutu about 375,000-390,000 points.
Maybe I value the xiaomi black shark 2 with 12 gb ram that has liquid refirgeration and reaches more than 380,000 points in antutu.

With that would be enough?

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We can’t really say what the minimum device requirements will be in the future, as we can’t tell:

  1. When various features will be released.
  2. What kind of challenges these features will pose on mobile devices.
  3. The general performance of mobile devices whenever above.

Etc etc.

We’d love to be able to see into the future, but unfortunately it’s not possible (or is it?) ;)


Hi staff

I don’t mean a resounding yes or no, just an estimate.
It is a high cost to buy such a powerful mobile.

Probably yes, preferably “We don’t know” though. But Android is generally less predictable due to higher CPU/GPU throttling which is also different between manufacturers.

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This may not be directly related to your question but if you are considering purchasing a device i recommend you view the thread below it gives a detailed insight on several devices,

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A OnePlus 6 with the Snapdragon 845 chip would be able to run infinite flight with clouds. It is a really powerful chipsetm

You cannot state this as it is purely dependent on how items are developed. Again. It could be within a year or five years off.


As the staffs have mentioned, there’s absolutely no way of knowing if a device is enough.

While performance increase increases exponentially, mobile-gaming graphics tend to grow in a linear fashion (lately; I don’t know what the future of graphics look like).
A OnePlus 7T may be able to handle today’s gaming demands like a beast; probably not so much in 5 to 10 years or so if IF keeps adding more features (could be 3D airports, clouds, taxiway lights, or it could be something you can’t see like polygons).

And also, performance isn’t all based on hardware; it also depends greatly on software. A good hardware with sluggish software algorithm is slower than a decent hardware with much-faster algorithm. If IF keeps adding features and improve their rendering algorithm, the 7T may be enough in the long run.

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