Minimum fuel

How do I tell ATC that I don’t have much fuel left, I can’t find it anywhere!

It usually will pop up when you have 30 minutes, or less of fuel

it pops up when you have less than 25 minutes left

A. Just try and contact the controller, you gotta be 5% or less
B. If you got ditch, ditch the plane! (Not parachute)
C.stay calm

You can communicate it with ATC or on Unicom once your fuel is red in the Fuel Remaining tab. Then another option is visible in the communication tab that gives yo two options to select from(one is for minimum fuel and the other one is for emergency fuel). This is only possible if you have a flight time that is longer than 60 minutes.

Hey! Can I ask a question? How does the IFATC respond to emergencies?

Does this only work for tower or can it work for approach too?

Both work. :)

IFATC would either respond with “copy fuel emergency” and try to expedite your approach (if possible) or recommend you to divert to the nearest practical airport.


They will try their best to get the plane experiencing this emergency on the ground as soon as possible, and may allow the aircraft to skip the queue.

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Thank you for good information!

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See It doesn’t pop up

What is your flight time?
You can see this by holding your finger on the bar at the bottom and then you can select between different categories. Select the one to the far right then and select flight time which is the third one viewed from the bottom.

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Your flight time has to be at least one hour to active the Fuel Emergency request

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Oh ok my flight time was about 46 minutes I think that’s why it wasn’t popping up.

Changing the flight plan has nothing to do with it, it only comes up if you’ve been flying for an hour or more

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Hey! Please do not intentionally make this situation

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I don’t thing they were

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