Minimum device requirements

We are looking into raising the minimum device requirement for our future updates. At this point there is very little chances that our “global” update will reliably run on a device that has less than 1GB of RAM. While we are still optimizing as much as possible, we also need to set the bar a little higher so we have some room for future features.

One thing we are considering is to only support devices that have OpenGL ES 3.0 support which would greatly improve some features we have planned (also most OpenGL ES 3.0 devices should have >= 1GB RAM)

On iOS, any device in this list or newer would be supported.

On Android it is a bit more complicated: the easiest way might be to install an application like this one and see what is reported.

In order to help us decide on what to do next, feel free to vote below based on the type of OpenGL ES support you have on your device (please be sure before voting):

  • My device supports OpenGL ES 3.0 (or superior)
  • My device doesn’t supports OpenGL ES 3.0

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Wow, thank god I have a 2016 IPad Pro! It is sad though that my trusty IPad Mini 1 cant get on the list… 😔


I checked the IOS list and it says that the iPhone 5s is supported.


Soooo what about you read the post and click on that link :) (it is supported, but this is one of the oldest so don’t expect a great experience)


Thank god! Sorry just got scared their for a second
Hopefully I can get the IPhone 8 when it comes out


I’m not sure, is the iPad 4 supported?
I think so.


I’ll try to download the application first. Hopefully my device is compatible 😊

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They linked the list look yourself


It’s not on the list. So no, it’s not supported.


Somehow it only reports like this

Hopefully it’s compatible


Just couldn’t belive it.
Guess I Need a new iPad.


Says on the version line: OpenGL ES 3.0

So, it seems like your device is supported.


Nvidia Shield K1 is at OpenGL ES 3.2.
Bring on Global 👍🏼


I got the same message. I’m quite confused…


Read what it says under “Version”. I believe you can ignore the pop-up message.


@philippe the 2017 iPad is missing in the list and its supported. Can you add a sidenote for it?


That’s what I did at first. It says 3.1 so that is probably good. Idk what the report button is for though. 🤔

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Click on the link provided and you’ll get an answer. Is it so hard? ;)


Before posting, please just read the list that has been provided.