Minimap aircraft position locked facing north (as an option)

Hi guys! Hope it’s not a duplicate !

I am wondering if we could have an option in the minimap that can makes the plane heading to the top as the bottom Shows plane and the top airports/wpt/fpl right in front. It would be nice to see the map moving with our heading change. Just like a radar (and the two sorts of external aircraft view options (locked from airplane angle or from camera heading angle)
Good idea? Let’s drop your vote :)

You mean you want the plane to be at the center and always at the center while moving?

I mean an option to have this angle with the aircraft
(Of course with pins and text right image

Then with heading change, having the map changing instead of map locked to north and have plane changing heading

Ah, I see, great idea

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No. I believe the request is for the minimap to be orientate to the aircrafts true heading. currently the map is always fix with North as up on the map.

Look the pics I posted I think you’re right :)

guess I’m late on that reply. LOL

@Gabe_Z you might have to request the external view in a separate feature request, but think there is a feature request like that if you search.

Good example. Yep, I’m on the same page with you. nice request

Whatever it’s locking in the bottom of map or at the center. This request is about inverting plane/map moving with heading.

sorry I meant @grxninesix for the external view request (orientation with aircraft heading)

I picked this example because I don’t remember by heart the name of the camera option. I was just making a comparison between locked north « aircraft or map »