Miniature Airport NYC

So I went out with my lady today to a model exhibit. i came across a model airport which I had no idea was there. Below are soke pictures of what I saw. Incase you’re ever in NYC I would suggest you go visit if not only for the airport model which you’ll love. I wish I could post the video of the KLM B737 they had taking off.
Surprisingly they had a Lufthansa A350


thats very interesting but i think this would be better in RWA instead of spotting

I have always dreamed of making one of these. Did they make it automated and (if you know) how?

Yeah they had an air Canada b737 landing and a klm b737 taking off. Some of the planes were programmed to taxi along certain taxiways.

How much does it cost to get in?

I just want to know how they did all that. Probably an arduino or something that runs them on a loop. Would be cool to go behind the scenes.

That’s very cool! Glad you had fun!

It’s essentially a copy of the miniatur wunderland in Hamburg. I guess it’s a good idea fir the American market who don’t want to travel to Europe.


Ages 13-64 $36, $31 Online

6-12 and 65+ $27, $22 Online

5 and under free


@gshazzaam where is this in nyc?..omg how cool…can you play with it?

I would love to visit this. Looks super cool. What is the name of the place? Do you know what the address is?

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No you can’t play with it unless you want a fine.
It’s called Gulliver’s Gate.

Gulliver’s Gate, 216 W 44th st, NY

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Knuffingen Airport @ Hamburg, Miniatur Wunderland

1 Week ago, it was very crowded.


See now I’m jealous. The model airport I went to wasn’t based on a real airport

That’s because it’s a copy of this one, this was made many years ago. The one in New York is new and cost like 40 million but yeah this one in Hamburg in theory should be better, but the New York one looks cool as well

Get some popcorn, relax and enjoy.


@gshazzaam thank bruh…i have to go and see this…im mad I never knew and I live in nyc 😂

Yeah I discovered it yesterday. If you have kids or a woman you should bring them.

or can’t pay the $$$ to travel