Miniatur Wunderland Event @ EDDH - 031600ZJUL18

Server: Training

Airport: EDDH

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM : If you haven’t yet heard of Miniatur Wunderland then let me tell you a bit about it. It is the world’s largest model railway, it is at a scale of 1:87. And here’s where planes come in, in 2011 on may 4th, after 6 years and at a cost of over 4 million Euros, Knuffingen airport was opened to the public. The airport includes 52 planes and I thought it would be a good idea to recreate the airport in Infinite Flight. But then you may be wondering, doesn’t this “Knuffingen Airport” only exist in the wunderland and not in real life? Well fear not, as the airport in the wunderland is closely based off the real Hamburg International Airport, so that is where I will have this flight. We will do a half hour flight around Hamburg and the surrounding countryside. I will leave information about the flight plan, aircraft and Gates below.
You must choose an aircraft from the list and specify which one you will show up in.

More about the Airport:

Flight Plan:


Lufthansa Liveried:
A319: @Mats
A320: @anon70624511
Blank Livery 737-700:

AirBerlin Liveried:
Blank Livery Airbus A330-300:

Thomas Cook/ Condor Liveried:
Boeing 757-200:
Boeing 767-300:

Air France Liveried:

Thai Liveried:

KLM Liveried:
777-300ER: @captainmalik

Emirates Liveried:
Boeing 777-200F:
Boeing 777-200LR:

Turkish Airlines Liveried:
Boeing 737-900:

TUIFly Liveried
Boeing 737-800 (Yellow):
Boeing 737-800 (Blue):

Swiss Liveried:

Doctors without borders Liveried:
A320 Blank Livery:

UPS Liveried:

DHL Liveried:
Boeing 757-200F:

ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital Liveried:

All Nippon Airways Liveried:

United Liveried:

Libyan Airways Liveried

S7 Airlines Liveried:



Gate 04: @HeliosAirways
Gate 05: @captainmalik
Gate 06: @Mats
Gate 07: @anon70624511
Gate 07A:
Gate 08:
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 19:
Gate 20A:
Gate 20:
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
Gate 37:
Gate 38:
Gate 39:
Gate 40:

Cargo Gate 41:
Cargo Gate 42:
Cargo Gate 43:
Cargo Gate 44:
Cargo Gate 4A:

I will assing you to an aircraft and gate.


I hope If I could …

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Can you put me down for any gate please (callsign: Lufthansa 11

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Sure! Which plane do you wanna fly?

KLM 777 please
thank you!

No problem, looking forward to seeing you there.

thank you for hosting this event!!

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Looks so cool! I have seen lots of videos of Minitaur Wonderland and the effort and prescision is immense!

Unfortunately i cannot attend but enjoy the flight and what a great idea!

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Would love to fly LH‘s A319 if it’s possible!

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Sure, I’ll put you down now

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Can I except a start on time for the event?

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Hmmmmmm, hopefully :-p

I waited 30min no one showed up, I’m on my way to EGGL now, sorry.

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Lufthansa A320 please
Callsign: LH838 heavy

Oh crap! I meant for it to be on the 13th not the 3rd!

Who is excited about the event!?!?

Wich Date is the event?😅

It was on Friday the 13th, no wonder no one showed up!

It says July 18th thought!?!?

That means 2018 not the 18 July ;-).

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