Mini, yet functional ZUGU? - MT84

MT84, also known as Mower Field is an airport located in the state of Montana. MT84 has an elevation of 4000ft and has a 2002 x 35 ft grass runway.

Came across this gem while playing IF, you guys should check it out.


That’s cool. I must try that one out. Cheers👍


After further examination we have determined that the airport boundary is disabled on this airport. This is a common issue on small airports that haven’t been redone yet. A fix has been completed, so look for it in the next scenery push.

Thanks for the report,


Airport Editing Supervisor


Zugu 2.0 yay! Another trip to the moon

that airport isn’t stable, i spawned on it and fell right thru to the end of the world

That bug has already been fixed by the way

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