“Mini mods” apologies

To everyone in the IFC I would like to apologize for my post 2 weeks ago about “mini mods” I use to think they were bullying us but I realize I was the one bullying them. So I would like to say sorry to anyone I offend or upset . I hope you could accept my apology.
Have a great day!


I saw your post @Klas892 it was very offensive to all of the moderators I not trying to a stink here just trying to say please watch what you are saying to other people they can see and read

Have a great night

Offensive post


going back now and reading the actual message really solidifies this apology. I feel like some people could make a controversial statement and leave it there. So you already have my respect. Good day!


It takes a lot for you to be able to reflect and apologize. If we all operate showing kindness and compassion for each other, this community will definitely be an ever better place to hang out. Much respect to you 🙂


Thank you all for understanding! I hope you all have a great night


Nah he’s right tbh,

Over the years the forum has infact gone downhill, the forum 2 years ago was not the way it is today. No one cares back then if it was a bad post and was directed to the guidelines immediately by another member.

The old mods have since disappeared almost. Misha for example. Deercrusher is here but was gone for a while so to irl things.

Things have definitely changed and yeah I’m fueling a flame but this is the truth. Forum members used to not be as bad. But now it has gotten to a point where mods don’t even do their job have the time because of people being mini mods. Cold hard truth 🥶

This is on topic too so.


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