Mini-Mods and Post Police

First, let me say that in the short time I have been a member of the IFC community I have met some great people, enjoyed some interesting posts and opinions, and I am looking forward to continuing to do so!

There is, however, something that’s beginning to irritate me…

Whilst having my morning coffee I was happily scrolling through the new and updated posts, and was amazed that the first three I opened were most replied to by ‘Mini-Mod’ and ‘Post Police’ comments. I’ve noticed a lot of this around the forums in general.

I appreciate that as fans of a simulator we are keen for realism, and by our own nature, like to follow a clear set of rules. However, when everyone jumps on a post for being ‘in the wrong category’, ‘has a mod approved this’, to the point that it takes over the thread completely - that’s just negative.

The whole point of an online community is to share and communicate about a common interest. It shouldn’t be to criticise others for poor category selection, and to convince everyone that a post is not allowed unless mod approved prior to it actually being posted!

The mods we have in IFC do an incredible job, and I for one appreciate the time they commit to making the place a friendly and open community. To those who post replies regarding post approval and placement, that are not appointed as mods - please let the real mods do their job and…

…”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”

Let’s keep IFC a friendly place that encourages communication, support each other in our learning and generally be positive to others 😊

Thanks 👍🏻

(I deliberately posted this in #general to see how many tell me it should be #meta 😉)


I couldn’t agree more. @Dan_77 and I were discussing this yesterday as well.


I have to agree with you on this. We should let the moderators moderate, and really only bring something to a moderators attention if it is a clear breach of the community ToS by utilizing the flag button.

As you mentioned we don’t need to be commenting on everything saying is this mod approved or not, and should this be allowed. If it isn’t allowed then a moderator will close and unlist it. It’s simple…