Mini moderators

I kinda annoyed with the mini Moderators they always tell us what to do even tho they aren’t moderators. They complain about any post they can. Im kinda getting done with it so all those mini moderators out the there please stop. I want this to be a fun place not a place where I get told to take my post down by a normal member. So please stop being bossy and let the actual moderators do their thing. I’m not giving hate to the people who are trying to help enforce the rules but the people that try to make us take down our post because there was one too many pictures or forgot to put it under the right category that’s what I’m trying to get at.


Yes I agree 100% I am tired of them picking on us and everyone else


This is happening on the most hospitable or posts!!


I am going to have to disagree about this. There are rules about each category to keep this forum organized. The “mini moderators” are just trying to remind users of the rules.


I’d disagree, they aren’t even certified Moderators by the community, they just act like it because they want to feel in control of everyone


literally one of the reasons im so inactive here

these mini moderators honestly ruin the IFC. let the TL3 and higher ups do the work


Agreed it’s very upsetting


I get what your saying man! The reason people do this is too make sure people are following the rules and keeping this nice and tidy! They have rules that are laid out and they want people to enforce it. Actual moderators won’t be able to see all of the rules being broken. This is not there main job. They have lives in the real world. They are just volunteers. They don’t get paid for this. Look I see why your mad but if you don’t like it, then it’s best that you leave.


seems that’s their only goal in life


I haven’t actually seen this to be a common theme for quite some time. I do see Members and Regulars help guide folks by posting links and suggesting the appropriate categories which is helpful to the community as a whole. If someone is being aggressive or bullying in anyway, it’s always a good idea to speak with the moderation team by flagging the post and click ‘Something Else’ where you can elaborate.


i agree, kinda. there is a certain point where posts are inappropriate or unnecessary. even if you aren’t labeled “moderator” that doesn’t mean you can’t keep our community professional. but it gets to the point of them flagging everything and keeping it very strict. we just need the middle where it’s professional and realistic but also fun and a place to hang out.


So just because someone is not a moderator - it means that they can’t provide and help in terms of rules and guidelines?

Sorry, i fail to see the logic here except bruised ego’s. I’m more than happy to be proven wrong here though.


To everyone doing this: Honestly, go touch some grass


Well this thread is like saying if you see someone doing wrong IRL, you should close your eyes and let the police do their job


Exactly I agree with you

Yea this is what we mean we are tired of everyone flagging g all these posts


i dont mind at all that people try to be helpful to the community every once in a while

but if the only thing you do on the IFC is mini-mod, there’s a clear TL3 speedrunning agenda going on there


I second this. I also think reminding people about the rules when they notice something is off, like the number of pictures in a post, is not a bad thing.


I disagree. I think the community works best when everyone helps each other and I don’t think that anyone means to be rude or demeaning. Ultimately there are a lot of new members of the community who do need a bit of guidance and help and sometimes established community members can still make the occasional mistake and it’s less of a moderation, more of a casual reminder.


I may be reading the room wrong but I think you just agreed with both sides of the argument.