Mini-map selection vs control issue

I’ve gotten a little frustrated with trying to use the mini-map, especially during any busier flight phase.

When I’m trying to simply tap on the left hand control panel to make it appear, if there is anything selectable under where the controls will appear, I get info bars instead of the controls. I then have to find black space to the right and click again to get the bars to disappear, then I can use the mini-map controls.

Is this just the way it’s implemented, a sometime problem, or am i having unique trouble?

I think it’s just the way it’s been implemented. This happens to me all the time. When this happens though, I try and select the center map button, and tap anywhere but the info bar.

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I usually just leave my mini-map at 15-30 miles visibility (unless taxiing) and then use the main map for all my “map-py” things. It makes it easier to unselect something if I fat-finger it, plus it gives you a clearer picture for those more detailed items