Mini Map Runways Numbers Not Visible at end of Approach Cone

Since the IFG update the runways are a lot harder to see on the mini map. You have to zoom much further in now to see the runway markers, which ones are open etc. And also the runway numbers are showing up at the end of the runway itself now instead of at the end of the approach lanes, also making them harder to see even when zoomed in very close. I hope this can be reverted to the old way, it was much more usable!

It’s much harder to see because you now have the whole world on a map, not a small rectangular region. The runway numbers show up at the edge of the approach cone to alert you of what runway you are approaching. Better than getting to short final and realising you are on the wrong runway.

Hm, im seeing something different. See SS attached, runway numbers are at the end of the runway now, not the end of the cone like they used to be.

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