Mini map on external views

I don’t know if this has been requested already, but I think it would be a good idea to make adding the mini map an option on external views when you’re looking outside the plane. There’s been a lot of times before where I leave my flight on a view of the wing or even outside and it would be cool to see where I am currently without having to cycle through the views back to the cockpit or pulling up the full sized map. Just an idea! :-)

That’s a pretty decent idea, could you try to make a concept of your idea so people can understand it better? Do you mean like a screen in screen thing?

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I was thinking it could be pretty much how it is now, only you have the choice to hide or show the map regardless of what view you were in.

For example, let’s say I am on the “normal” external view looking at my plane. To activate the mini map on that view, I would click the screen to show the “Systems, NAV & A/P” buttons and to turn the map on/off it could be a button under “Systems>Interface” and you could select it from there.

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I think OP probably means something like this

Looks messed up since the mini map was taken from the cockpit and therefore has the cockpit as background

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Oh, wow!! Exactly like that!! Wow you must be really good at editing pictures because that was quick. Thanks.

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Not really lol

Just the app I use that makes it really easy

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I had a request for this actually but I just flagged it to be closed for this one. HUD map would be nice on internal drone.