Mind Blowing ATC shift

Well I’m sure you may know me. I have worked my way up shifts in ATC, from 3 hours. To 6 hours. Then 12 hours 50 mins yesterday. I am getting ready to set out on a 24 hour shift, controlling at London Heathrow Tower.
You can go past 12 hours as I did the other night.

Wish me luck. I hope to make the whole 24 hours. Going to shop in the morning for coffee shots, energy drinks and caffeine tablets!


Wow! Nice job! Also this is horrible for your health btw



You have quite a few topics on ATC controlling already.

Also, I’ll be one to say that going for 24 hours on ATC is extremely unhealthy. Sleep deprivation can cause a world of problems and even death. Your health is way more important than a mobile simulator.