Milwaukee's New Routes

Spirit Comes to MKE (Milwaukee, WI)

In the last few days, Spirit announced new routes to a new city, Milwaukee! All flown on the A319, Spirit will fly 3 new routes. All routes will be daily starting June 24th.

KMKE-KLAX on the A319 | 7:00AM Dep | No Competitors
KMKE-KLAS on the A319 | 7:20PM Dep | Competitors Frontier, Southwest
KMKE-KMCO on the A319 | 7:20PM Dep | Competitors Frontier, Southwest

Read more about these new routes below!

Southwest’s New Florida Route

Southwest, Milwaukee’s most popular airlines with the most routes in and out along with around 50% of passenger movement, has announced a new route to Sarasota, FL. These flights will be seasonal starting April 17th through May 8th, Saturdays only.

KMKE-KSRQ on the 737-700/800 | 1:45PM Dep | No Competitors

Read more about this addition below!

After a tough few months for Milwaukee Airport, these routes should continue to rebuild to Milwaukee! Welcome Spirit to Milwaukee and congrats to Southwest with another route addition.


Cool stuff! I’ll be presenting some of this information in our weekly industry update in my airline management class. Cool to see Southwest showing off their point to point network!


Cool to see the classes incorporate information like this. I’ll get to that point as well but gotta understand the basics first.


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