Miltary Air Control

Hi there guys. As a member of GAF and as a airmen I would love to see a function where you can coordinate with Military aircrafts like fighters.
In real life military people are watching over they sky 24/7. When an aircraft is CommLoss, first ATC will send a message on GUARD freq. When this is not solving the problem they will call a Control and Reporting Centre. They will try it too. If nothing works the CRC will send in the QRA. With different kind of missions like:
In that order.

But military aircraft have to be controled at all times. Being controled as a fighter means you get BRA calls to target. Wich can be a civil flight witch has no communication with ATC, Squawking EMERGENCY or being Hijacked. Or being guided to a hostile aircraft.
It also can be used to guide a fighter to a tanker for Air to Air Refueling. Now when you are a flying a F16 for example, you cant coordinate with a tanker. But with this Feature somewone else can do it for you!

I think it is not that hard to make. As approach or departure controllers already have the option to give aircraft a bearing and altitude.

If whe want to keep IF as real as possible i think this is a very important thing.

How to become a military controler:
I think it can be the same as becoming IFATC.

How to get on the same freq
A simple button like the guard call witch already is availble as atc.

Another feature witch can be together is the option to “Strangle modes and codes”. Irl this means that the fighter will turn off his transponder to stay undetected by a radar. In IF this means u dissapear from the Map. To make sure everybody is gonna use this the only way to do this is after the Military controller gives you the order to strangle. Then a button will be availble to strangle your modes and codes and will disapear from the map. As all the controllers are the same as IFATC this is something witch only can be done after the controller makes the call.

Ofcourse i know that not every body likes this. But in real life the military air controllers are the last option you have got when you are in trouble when you are flyng a commercial airliner.



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Last I check that sound cool

Looks kewl. Don’t forget to vote for it too so that the community sees you supporting your request :)

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If i’m playing in a fighter in a simulator… I do not want a ATC to tell me what to do when im not in Airport Airspace… I like this request but I don’t see a fit for it unless you are in a VO for Military Roleplay

Would this be its own server in itself or how would you keep people who want no part in it from rejecting the ATC Commands?

Well. I think when the MATC can send you somethin like a guard call witch is already possible you can get on the same freq when you are feeling oke about getting controlled.

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