Millions Of Experience Question

Hey IFC,
We’ve all seen pilots with 1, 2 and 5 million experience points but I am wanting to know how they actually are able to get this done. I mean a fly a lot but I’m only around 300,000 experience so I was just wondering how they do it.

I only have 600k but doing patterns at a gusty airport does the trick and long hauls of course.

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You just fly a lot. I racked it up from doing this, I don’t care about XP, just Grade 5. Others like to have a lot of XP though so yes they do patterns in tricks weathe ie high winds to get more of it.

I don’t put much stock into xp or any of that.
just enjoy flying and do it often, the rest takes care of itself.

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Long flights, dedication, pattern work will do the thing. As said by others try to find a windy or gusty airports to do patterns at and you will get more XP.

I started out just flying and back in the old days before global , hours and hours end, and also I do some pattern work here every now and than for touch and goes . It takes a lot of time to acquire these xp points . I’m currently at over 6 million and I just don’t pay that much attention to the xp points I just fly and enjoy the sim !


Long hauls will be your friends! I did a 24+ hour from JFK-SYD on a 777, got like 22000 XP from it! Also, just flying often will help, I am sitting around 297,000, and I do short flights most often so yea.

How does your device not crash from that?

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iPad Pro 2016, very reliable and fast device, also plugged it in through the flight.

As long as you are allowed to fly in expert server without ghost, you are experienced pilot ;)

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Usually? Cause right now I’m grade 2 due to 5 over-speeding violations when flying from Brazil to Africa (when I wasn’t watching) but I’m usually a grade 5 pilot.

Live was released, oh, what atleast 4 years ago now. If you’ve been consistently flying on it since then? I don’t see how it’s a question that some people have a lot. They just put in so much time…

For a year and half, 80% or more have gone to Long Hauls. Realistic ones, so now 40hrs non-stop thing…

I often times, well basically almost always use the 777-300ER or 787-9, to do my Long Hauls or ULH’s. I tend to fly from a major Bravo to the hub of the airline I’m flying with. So with ANA, I’d fly London Heathrow to Tokyo Narita and from there to maybe LAX or JFK then back and then to Frankfurt in all one session.

By doing that for approximately 15 months I’ve been doing that, flying Long Hauls and connecting City to City, A to B, I’ve accumulated a astounding 3.3M XP and also a staggering 5400hrs of flying 🛫


I don’t fly on IF just to be on top of the leaderboard and just show off if you are that type of person then that’s a shame I fly in this game because of my passion and love of flying planes this is the closest I can get to flying but I have 1000 hours of flight time to be exact 😂 and 700,000 XP but I fly Long hauls every weeekned since I’m always busy in the weekdays I think most people though how they get that much XP is because they’ve started flying since the game came out 2011 or 2012 those are the real OG’s like for example @IFPHGOFFICIAL he’s got 6.5 Million XP I’ve started flying back in 2014 kinda stopped lost interest until they released Global I had over 100,000 XP before 2018 and now I’m at 700,000 I’ve gained over 600,000 in just one year 😂 pretty crazy I blame global for this 😂

I don’t know anyone who flies just to be at the top of the leaderboard, I mean my leaderboard is not even working apparently… It’s broken 😂

Those who fly just to be nr 1, they are the ones I call by having a competitive nature. There are people who do things just to he best and show off and not really feel what experience is like and in out case flying.

People do all kinds of sports, many just do to show that they are good at and aren’t really considerate or passionate about it. It is just like you said Kyle, we who fly or control in IF should and I hope the vast majority of us do really play IF because this is our nature, we burn for aviation as that’s a part of us 🙌

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I fly for he love of IF :), we all do

I will tell you a trick based on a formula I have developed. This formula also guarantees grade 5 status long term if you have the dedication to do so.
So for 2 weeks do nothing but long hauls and ultra long hauls. Then start doing 1 week of medium hauls. Then do 1 week of of regional flights less than 500 miles. Make sure that once a week you dedicate 1 hour of touch and goes preferably at airports with gusty winds. You will see a pattern of regional flights every 4 weeks and the touch and goes will increase landings while the LH and ULH will increase XP.

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Heck I’ll fly long hauls everyday if I could and i’ll Probably earn 100k xp or more every month 😂 but then I’d need a new device every month

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