Millauwke Ski Run @ KMKE - 171200ZJAN18

Server: Training

Airport: KMKE

Time: 12000 (noon) - This sunday jan 17th

NOTAM: This event is brought to you by Embark Airlines


Come join us in the wonderful 737-9! This event will be a short flight from Milwaukee to Denver taking skiers out to the hills.


(gates are not open yet, but will open shortly)

this event will be run by @Ironman_Ballets

Thanks everyone!


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We will be using the c concourse for the event there are currently 23 spots

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@KindaAngrySliceOfPie Please match the date in the thread, to the date in the title.

About the Events Category: About the Events category

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thanks @Grady_Herbert would you like a gate.

Please look at your event title format as it is wrong. You can go down below and click on this link to help you out.😉

Thanks for your help would you like a gate

I would like a gate to join

When is the event Ballet?

How do I sign up to be in Embark too?

Yeah head to the main thread to sign up I will get you a gate.

Ok will do main thread

Just spawn in anywhere in the C terminal at KMKE

Wait where is main thread?

So why didn’t you change it or ask a regular to? And I won’t be able to atttend because my niece is getting baptized

By the way when is it?

Oh wish you luck @AllegiantAir hope to see you at the next one

Thank you and good luck with your event

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Sunday at noon please tell others lots of gates

Register here for embark VA

Time in EST? And how do I join Embark?