MilkTea's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ RJBB - PRACTICAL PASSED

Hello everyone, I plan to apply for IFATC in the near future so if anyone would like to come down and do some patterns it’ll be much appreciated!

Please do give me feedback after as well :)

Status: Closed


Will drop by

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Headed there now


Sorry, I had to rush, so I left.

I don’t have much feedback, except response time could be faster.

sorry you had to deal with those 2 Pilots who did not know what they were doing

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ok thanks!

Hello everyone, thank you all for attending, I know it wasn’t the best but I had to deal with some pilots messing around and not following instructions so please do understand… Hope to see ya’ll again soon :)


How were my landings?
That Aeroflot 330 was a jerk and troll.


It’s the training server, we can’t do much can we?

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Your landings were alright… haha



and 2 others if i’m not wrong

Yea, that’s too bad…

Hey there! Thanks for the ATC. I was the 737 (N498EN). Got some feedback! Feedback below is in Zulu time, this way you can go and watch the replay when you have a chance and skip to the times I list so you know what I’m talking about.

I also want to mention this was tough because you had the 2 Aeroflot planes (the 739 and MD11) that clearly did not know what ATC commands to use or how to follow directions. That’s not your fault, it just made it more difficult. Here’s my feedback:

-17:29: You told Infinite Flight 723 to taxi to the runway, despite him requesting pushback and him being in a spot that required a pushback.

-17:32: Late exit command for N0TV. The ideal speed to issue the command should be around 70kts. He was at 33kts already turning off the runway.

-17:34: You gave N61TU a sequence but he never said he was remaining in the pattern. Probably why he said he was departing to the west. Remember which planes are staying in the pattern, and which aren’t.

-17:38: Clearance for the option was a bit late. This happened with basically every plane on every pattern. A good time to clear the plane is when they’re turning from crosswind to downwind, this way you clear them and they’re out of the way.

-17:39: Nice job telling the Aeroflot he was already cleared to land!

-17:43: You cleared AL157FD as number 1. Later at 17:49 you cleared him again as number 2. If a plane cuts the line, you just need to re-sequence and not re-clear. The rest of the re-sequence you handled perfectly!

-17:47: You told AL157FD to turn base. I don’t feel as if this command was necessary, there was plenty of spacing and since we are flying VFR I had my eyes on him and was making sure I wouldn’t catch up. Trust your pilots with spacing and you can always send one around if they get too close later.

-17:52: You should’ve caught my go-around. Yes that Aeroflot wasn’t listening and entered the runway, but you should’ve noticed and told me to go-around. You also probably should’ve told him to exit the runway since he wasn’t cleared to enter. Again, no big issue though, since he didn’t listen anyway. You also should’ve sent a “Correction, stand by” since you told him to cross then hold short. Always send that when changing commands. Good thing is if this happened on expert, that would most likely be a ghost for him.

-17:53: When issuing a runway change, you need to issue a pattern entry first. You just cleared me for runway 19. Instead, you should’ve said “enter right downwind, runway 19” and then cleared me. Always issue a pattern entry instruction when giving a runway change.

-17:58: Once again, late runway exit command

For the most part, everything was pretty good, and your sequencing was nearly perfect! Just keep working on the little things, and I hope to see you in IFATC soon! This session was just tougher on you because of those 2 planes.

Also, for next time, try to open an airport with parallel runways instead of intersecting. It makes runway changes a lot easier to practice. Thanks again!


I remember somewhere saying that ATC can decide whether to issue the ill call your bass command or just issue the turn base command?

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I believe you’re right, it isn’t necessary. I’ll edit that now

It’s just good to say so the pilot expects it, but yea you’re right. My bad!

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It’s not required that you tell a pilot you’ll call their base before instructing them to turn base. Sometimes you won’t even have time to do that because it may be a last-minute maneuver. In Tyler’s sequencing tutorial, you can see how he does it at the 3:30 mark

Yea that was my bad, I forgot he was departing and not doing patterns 😭

Ahh ok, that was something I needed to find out/know.

Thank you so much for your time to do patterns and give me all these feedback, I’ll work on them more and hopefully do better next time 🙂

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Open at RJBB now

Do come down :)

Will open for an hour

Hoping in now (btw I’m not IFATC yet, but I’ll still come in :) )

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