Milk Run - Wondering what Topic to put this kind of event in

If I was to run a milk run event, would that be in events of group flights?


Only in #live:groupflights if it’s 3 hours from topic posting. Otherwise, it would belong in #live:events.

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Events then. Thanks

and Addition to what @Altaria55 said:

I would use these to get a great explanation to what it is you need etc for you event. :)

Best of luck,

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What in God’s name is a milk run

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The definition of a milk run flight

The term milk run refers to a flight that stops in several places along a defined route. Much like a bus calls in at several key locations between point A and point B, the milk run flight covers ground in between two points, but with landings along the way.

It got its name thanks to the regional flights that often moved as much cargo as they did people, delivering groceries (including milk, of course) and other essential supplies to disconnected rural communities. You could similarly call them ‘salmon runs,’ ‘medicine runs,’ or anything else, depending on what was being delivered, but it’s the milk run term that’s really captured the essence of these flights.


Sounds fun!


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