Military vs commercial aviation

Hey IFC,

As today the flight schedule is dedicated to military aviation, I was wondering myself that only few airmen / women have chosen military aircraft for this event. As I tried out some of the available fighters myself (F16, F22, F14, C130 series) I came to the conclusion one of the reasons might be the outdated visualization of these aircrafts and even more important the simple and unprecise flight model. (Compared to the civilian aircrafts and other military flight sims)
What do you guys think? Why is there no love given from IF to military aircraft?

(I am asking because I personally am a big fan of military aviation :))


Commercial reasons there just seems to be more demand for it,
Military has been I guess neglected over the years here because people fly pax more than anything. Military isn’t flown as much and deserves love

Also you said you like military aviation, GAF is always looking for new pilots.


Yes, have thought of this as well.

  • I would say that this would be due to general unfamiliarity among many users towards military aviation. Unless one is from a country with robust military aviation(which a vast majority of IF users are not), many just choose to continue with civil aviation.
  • Tuesday isn’t exactly the day for a big turnout. College work, careers, school work etc. People are busy.
  • Some users may not be big fanatics of military aviation/have different views towards it.

To be honest I feel that commercial aviation is just the most popular of the three main categories (GA, military and commercial), as this is probably what most (myself included) are most exposed too.
As we also see this in the popularity in #features, IF partly focuses on commercial, but they are also following different aims which as an example lead to our great GA fleet. Military isn’t forgotten either with the A-10 having been the first live cockpit ever in IF.

Long story short: IF does care about fleet diversity which we have seen in many updates, but in the end everyone is free to decide which planes they use (apart from special events at times), and people (including myself) will choose what they know.

If you are looking for a certain plane to improve, please feel free to check out #features!

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I beg to disagree @JulianB

  • The A-10 was given to us 2 years ago.

  • Commercial flyers get the live cockpit for the 737

  • A whole entire fleet rework.

  • An A359.

IF cares about what is flown the most and what the community works the most not fleet diversity.


Thx for your replies. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely love flying commercial aviation too. I’m just wondering why in certain release cycles only 1 aircraft at an interval of years gets a rework.


I do partly agree (as I wrote), but IF is doing many great things to improve the app to be better suited for flight training among other things and these projects were definitely not a community’s main concern in the beginning!

And the military fleet is not that bad with the A-10 and the tanker and C130 fleet even though this probably isn’t the community’s main topic either.

So in my opinion they do really care about fleet diversity, but you obviously can have a different opinion as well :)

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Warthog all the Way… I love this bird… she is defenitely A-10 🥴😜💪🙏


yes, mostly for test purposes for the implementation of Livecockpits… I love it though, such a realistic bird

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A beauty and beast same time. I love it too. But we badly need a AA fighter reworked.

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It’s normal within the mobile flight simulator market, based off the other competitors, for there not to be a lot of military aircraft made available, most only having a couple, three to six. So it makes sense for the A-10 to be the only newly updated military aircraft with working cockpits.

It’s not a military simulator, the guns are in-op.

Infinite Flight has the largest selection of newly updated commercial aircraft on the market, no other simulator comes close. X-Plane 11 mobile has six, Aerofly 2020 has six, Infinite Flight has twelve with one more on the way.

The other competitor’s fleets are much smaller all around.


Partly agree on that. There are already a lot of military aircrafts available and frankly speaking: reworking only 1 or 2 of these would already satisfy most of the military fans :)
But maybe you guys are right: most of the community are not interested in getting these planes reworked. Speaking for myself: I’m sad about that. :)

Btw: I think there is no need for weapons to be operable. If doing so, this would need a huge invest in all the radar and tracking stuff.

I never disagreed with that, I wasn’t really attempting to state an opinion. Just comparing what others are doing versus Infinite Flight you can get a sense why decisions may be made to play to certain strengths.

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There’s always more people to reach so if the crowd is substantial enough I’d imagine they’d recognize it and then create features to tailor to that crowd. Gaining a competitive advantage is the most important thing so if reworking the military fleet creates more of an advantage or balances things out then I could see why it could happen if I were to guess.

From the Work And Rework blog post from 2018:

Retaining users on a subscription model is hugely important. Keep a user waiting too long for their most-requested feature, and you’ll lose that user. On the other hand, your product must evolve in order to reach new markets. Taking Infinite Flight into a real-world light training market, for example, won’t happen by reworking the A330. What would help are better low-level terrain graphics, and real-world approaches and charts.

The balance between acquisition and retention will continue as we strive to improve flight simulation on a mobile device. To our community we say, thank you. To new friends stopping by for the first time we say, welcome aboard.

Just because the current community likes one thing, only commercial IFR based flying, doesn’t mean there might possibly be another potentially larger group of people they could try to attract at the same time.

Simply saying the military aircraft “need more love” is not as compelling as “I think you’re missing out on a part of the marketshare in the military sim community”, is what I’m trying to say.


I simply enjoy flying commercial more, and frankly there is a lot more publicly available information around commercial aircraft (i.e. v-speeds). Nothing wrong with them, but I personally generally steer clear of military days.

Absolutely agree. Btw. I don’t strive for anything. Just wondering why IF is not focusing on this sector. But your explanation might be the answer.

:D we won’t get in each other’s way, I guess. Just kidding, I love both worlds.

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