Military Strike on Speedbird 6482

I was wondering, I was going to make a 777-300ER emergency landing short film, and I needed some volunteers, so here I am! We are goIng to be departing at London Heathrow in the Expert Server, so can we have a few actors?
Here is what we need for the background:
777-300ER (British Airways) to New York - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
777-300ER (Singapore) to Singapore - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A380-800 (Emirates) to Dubai - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A380-800 (Qatar) to Doha - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A220-300 (Swiss) to Zurich - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A320-200 (British Airways) to Paris - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A320-200 (Lufthansa) to Frankfurt - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A320-200 (Aegan 2020) to Athens - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A320-200 (British Airways) to Manchester - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
A320-200 (Aer Lingus) to Dublin - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
737-800 (KLM) to Amsterdam - International Terminal (Unoccupied)
We also need one of the main plots; the shoot down itself. It is quite an important scene with lots of aircraft needed, so we need some expert flyers. Please send me your account name and your stats; grade, xp, flight time, landings etc…
Here are the planes we need:
5 F-18s (Generic Agressor)
10 F-22s (Generic)
2 F-14s (Tank/Arnament)
3 F-16s (Generic)
2 C-130s (US Navy)
By the way, quick side note, the time is[date=2022-12-27 time=18:00:00 timezone=“Asia/Rangoon”] Also, remember to mention your username, your call sign at the event, your grade, your xp, your flight time, and the aircraft you have selected. (Please wait until your post has been approved by reply by me so that I can list you on the chart. Thanks to show your interest!

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Actually I’ll choose the fresh F-18

Shall i take this? This looks fun…

Any chance we can get some clarification on the time, the timezone bit you used didn’t load properly.

I would like to have a try.
grade 3
xp 843,609
flight time 1,348h
aircraft C-130

@AviatorChina, don’t mind if I do :)

I’m flying into Heathrow on this day (i dont know what time for you or server you’re doing this on) but I’ll be glad to be apart of this if the times line up!

Mind if I snagg this

Dead chat XD 💀

12:30 Rangoon time, at February the 2nd

You’re down

Ur down @CCH_real

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No problem

Absolutely appreciated

Pls show me ur flight stats pls

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