Military Registrations and Callsigns for Indian Air Force;

With the new Callsign system into effect from last update, pilots who are flying military aircrafts are currently using the Civilian Callsigns or Airforce, unlike in reality each country has specified callsigns designated for military purposes.

Wish IF adds these in the next update.

Example :
Indian Airforce: VU-(Registration)
Netherlands Air Force: PE- (Registration)
Portugal Air Force: CT - (Registration)
Sweden Air Force: SA-[Registration]
French Air Force: F-U[Registration]


Ps; Callsigns are different from registrations.

On a note; I see that RAF Callsigns are already added into IF Database, as they’re are been used exclusively by GAF.

Recently under the approval of staff members @AirIndiaVirtual2 along with requests from pilots of our Virtual Airlines, we have started a new wing(sub branch) know as Indian Air Force.

As so pilots can fly both commercially and also for the Nation.

Our operations will be carried out with several aircrafts form IF database.

As now we do not have callsigns specified in IF for us, we would be grateful if the IF Team adds the callsigns for the Indian Air Force, which we will be using during our Operations.

We would like to have these callsigns added to the Infinite database in Similar to GAF.

  1. IAF(Raiding Raptors)
  2. IAF(Veiled Vipers)
  3. IAF(Sky Lords)
  4. IAF(Battle Cry)
  5. IAF(Ibexes)
  6. IAF(Pegasus)
  7. IAF(Tridents)
  8. IAF(Lynxes)
  9. IAF(Hawk Eyes)
  10. IAF(Trisonics)
  11. IAF(Air India One)
  12. IAF(Air India Two)

All these callsigns are realistic, and are sourced from the Indian Air Force Website Click Here and from Wikipedia Click Here.

Ps; this is not a feature request.

Thank you


This seems more like a #features request in my opinion. I’ve seen some developers add a few liveries at requests like Ryanair Ireland. I don’t believe the RAF callsigns were added specifically for the GAF to use. But this could be a great addition to our endless list of callsigns!


Hello, I was a part of EAF, now with RAAF, initially we used to type the entire Callsign example (MADRAS) and IF will be Mike alpha… now as it’s added IF pronounces MADRAS(number), this was added upon request to IF team to be used by GAF(EAF).

Before the last update release, I contacted @Cameron for this to be added he quoted he will look into for the next update but it was missed.

I understand all the developers and staffs are busy, but adding small touches like this would give us a morale boost within our Indian IF Community and to Pilots flying with their unique military registration which are specific to various countries.


Yes man, they can create seprate tab

  • Commercial aviation
  • general aviation
  • military aviation

A great addition Indeed!! . If we go by @Sierra_Golf 's idea of adding callsign under different tabs it will be much more easier and also neat looking to operate on. Definitely waiting for this.


It’s really a great addition to have military call signs, it would be really nice if this request can be implemented anytime soon!!!


In light of fair representation of the global Community … I think it’s evident IF staff should add military callsigns belonging to nations other than those in NATO
Sure USAF is going to get huge amounts of traffic but if it’s convenient for the staff and it doesn’t lead to monetary losses …people from the small communities would like to feel at home too


It’s an easy process for devs to add these callsigns. They don’t even need to update the app.

We also don’t have Air India express and Alliance Air callsigns in IF

Air India Express (Express India)
Alliance Air (Allied)


Yes indeed it will look elegant and clean, but this would take time as the entire callsign page needs redesigning, may be in future.

Hoping for the same buddy! Pilots are Very eager to fly in the new airframes inducted by IAF 🇮🇳 .

Hope it gets done, waiting for the reply from the developer team.

Well Said buddy @AryaTheLivingMeme ✈️✌️


Totally Agreed sir. It’s a must addon. Now that custom callsigns are gone , I feel that the realism when we fly for IAF is a little less. I’d love to see Milltary callsigns!


Callsign additions don’t merit a feature request. They might not even require an update.


They do not require an update. It’s like an Airports and Navigations update.


All in all a reasonable request, and not so much of a task for the dev team, it’ll just be great addition to add even more realism to our favourite flight sim!!


I have seen Ezhill operate the IAF Team along with his best mates like Samyak, Divyansh, Arya, Sanket and many more. Like commercial airline registrations I believe Millitary or other private based callsigns also have a support base for such Callsigns in order to work with the realism.

And I don’t think addition of Callsigns would be a gruesome task but that would be better understandable if clarified by anyone from the IF team. It’s definitely a great addition and something I look forward to see in the near future. I don’t look forward to this only for India but as Ezhill mentioned also for different countries as well.


Fingers Crossed hoping the Dev team will reply back buddy, can’t wait to fly the C17 (Sky Lords) with the new callsign to Leh.


It’s really a great thing that we should have military call signs and we also have a few military planes in Infinite Flight. Even IRL military planes have these type of callsigns. There are also a few VA/VO like IFAE and IAF under AIVA which have a military wing of their own. Hope the IF team can add it at the earliest. It would help enhance and take the experience to another level.


Yeah we surely need this. You have my support


Hoping to see the military callsigns soon In Infinite Flight…we really need them while flying the military airplanes,adding these would add even more realism…Expecting the Military Callsigns soon


IAF 🇮🇳 🔥🔥🙌🏻 Would love to see you stacking hours in F22 buddy ✌🏻


Military is one of the best thing to fly in infinite flight. And after getting it more realistic it would look so cool!