Military/Presidential Convoy Around The USA. Friday FUN

  • 4 F22’s, 1 Air Force 1, 1 C-17 & 1 DC-10F Tanker (CAN be more):

  • Departing KADW, Airport Hopping around East Side Of USA/Middle Of USA:

  • 2022-04-22T15:00:00Z:

  • Expert Server:

  • **Me and a few friends are planning a little military convoy around the eastern/middle side of the US, amount of planes can change depending on participants but we’ll make it work. Any questions can be asked here, Just some friday fun!

Sounds like a fun time 🤝


Sure will be! You should Join :)

I wish I could make it, I could if it was on Saturday.

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How long will the flight be

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Gonna be going around for like 6-7 hours


As Commander of the 89th Squadron. All i can say is good luck.


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