Military planes rework

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Today I flew the A 10 and C 130 I was very happy with what infinite flight has done with these aircraft however I am not here to talk about these two aircraft I’m here to talk about all the other military planes in the infinite flight simulator the F16 F18 F14 F22 and C17 These are craft would need a massive rework live instruments working doors afterburners working canopies more liveries Blue Angels and Thunderbirds etc. I’m seeing a lot of request for missiles and guns in The Community the problem always seems to be some troll would shoot down unarmed civilian aircraft I have a idea to fix this In which planes with missiles can only shoot other military aircraft with missiles this would fix the problem of trolls shooting down unarmed civilian aircraft some new military aircraft that would be nice would be the F15 euro fighter Dussault Rafael A400 F35 and C5 as well as the new 747-8 Air Force One livery Another problem I’ve noticed is that I can never find a refueling plane when I need one I find DC tunes but you don’t know if it’s the refueling plane or just a regular DC-10 unless you fly right up next to it please find a way to make it easier to know where the tanker is plese vote if you want to see reworks and new military aircraft for the Infinite Flight Air Force

All aircraft will be reworked eventually.

The A-10 was very recently reworked. Not sure why you want it to be reworked again.


All of these planes will be worked on with time. But if you use the search bar in the top right, you can vote for them there.

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I think you can only request one aircraft. :)

affraid this topic will be closed since features have to be specific…

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Hey! As stated briefly by others all these aircraft will be reworked in due course. Furthermore, you can only request one feature per topic as per the rules of #features. I too would love to see these aircraft reworked so I would highly recommend searching for their individual feature requests and voting. You may also only include one picture per request.


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Here’s a list of feature topics for the aircraft you’ve requested:


He was saying that he was satisfied with the quality of the A10 and thinks that the other should be brought up to the standards of the A10. Atleast that’s how I understood it.

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Then why’d he put it in his images of aircraft he wants/reworked :thinking:

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No clue. That’s why I said; “atleast that’s how I understood it.”


I suggest you take a quick look at this topic so you can better understand the rules of the #features category.

And don’t forget to search and vote before you post!