Military mission in Guyana

Guys, with these latest military movements happening between Venezuela and Guyana, I wanted to know if you support a military group flight as military support from the United States to Guyana inside the simulator.
The initial idea would be to leave Port of Spain, in Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, where the United States has an air base, and the destination would be the capital of Guyana, Georgetown.
The aircraft to be used in the flight would be US and NATO military aircraft such as F-18, F-22, as well as the C-17 Globemaster and C-130.
I know this content can be a little sensitive, I’m not sure if I could lose this post or even the account because of this. I wanted to know your opinion and if you wanted to do a type of flight like this. The day is still undefined. I would see a day that would suit me and that would suit you too
Remembering that this type of flight would have no incentive to cause war or conflict, nor to present a political position nor to judge the countries involved. It would just be intended to be a different kind of leisure and fun for all of us.
That’s it guys, see you later!!!🙂


Regardless of any circumstances or intentions, it’s probably best to keep things apolitical. It may be a nice idea, but involving countries/conflicts is often a quick way to stir up negativity and angst.


Yes, these are not intentions, but I think a military flight would be cool, that’s all

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