Military Meet Up (V2) at Dover AFB @ KDOV - 210100ZAPR18

Server: Casual

Region: Dover, Delaware

Airport: KDOV

Time: 0100Z

  • Time Conversions - 9:00pm EDT - 8:00pm CDT - 7:00pm MDT - 6:00pm PDT

NOTAM: Please say what aircraft you are going to be flying when you sign up, and whether you are participating in the airshow, or just spectating. Thank you

Aircraft: Any military aircraft of your choosing (appropriate for airshow if participating)

Ever wanted to participate In an airshow in IF? Or just fly with many military aircraft? Well here is your chance! You can sign up for a spot in the airshow by saying what kind of aircraft you will be flying, and what you will be doing - just don’t make it too long - the start time is listed above, but we will wait for the majority to join before we will begin. You can do anything from trying to do a performance you have seen, to making something up, you’re free to do whatever you want. Feel free to try to set up a formation flight if you like! The most important thing, is that we have fun. The order for performances is first come first serve; whoever signs up first gets to perform first. So… Reserve your spot now by signing up!

v v v Gates Are Below v v v


ALPHA 01 - @Dommo209 // Air Boss
ALPHA 02 - @F22 // F22-F16-A10-C130
BRAVO 01 - @nativetoalaska // KC10
BRAVO 02 - @NBSYT // Spitfire Mk. VIII
CHARLIE - @NightDevYT // F-22
DELTA - @CaptainTontoAAVA // F-16
ECHO - @Swiss199 // F-22
FOXTROT - @Michael_C // F-22
GOLF - @avionic808 // F-16
HOTEL - @Abdullah_Khaled // F-14
INDIA - @Jd34 // F-14
JULIET - @jmwilliams17 // F-14
KILO - @Recxx // F-14
OSCAR - @Scott.Cooper // Spitfire Mk. VIII
SIERRA - @KPIT // C130-C17
TANGO - @Jay757 // C130-KC10
WHISKEY - @Evan_Westcott // F16-F14
X-RAY - @Nick_M // C-17

Tanker Gates / / /
GA1 - @Michael_C // KC10
GA4 -
GA7 -


I’ll take Alpha 01 please, F22, F16, A10, KC-130, and KC-10 please

Wow! That’s quite the performance there! You have gate ALPHA 01!

Is it okay if I have you wait in between performances since you are going to use many aircraft?

Yes, OF COURSE I can wait

After the show can we do kind of like a crazy fun flight?

Like last time when everyone kind of did their own thing or did a formation flight?

I’ll take gate X-Ray, I’ll be flying the C-17.

You have gate X-Ray! Thank you for coming again!

Can I have ALPHA 02, please? I don’t know if I’ll be there or not but I’ll try!

yes! you now have ALPHA 02! and do you know what aircraft you will be flying @nativetoalaska ?

May i have Bravo 2? with the Spitfire?

Yes sir you can! I have marked you down in Bravo 02 with the Spitfire!

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Hello, can i have oscar, i will be participating in a Spitfire

What is the date I don’t understand 210100 APR 2018

the date is April 21 at 0100 zulu time (9:00pm EDT - 8:00pm CDT - 7:00pm MDT - 6:00pm PDT

hope to see you there!

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yes! you now have OSCAR! see you at the show!

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Can I have Delta I’m going to be in an F-16

Roger that! you now have DELTA! cant wait to see you this weekend!

Hey everyone, during the show, @nativetoalaska will be refueling anyone that needs fuel! Be sure to utilize this! This would also be a great opportunity to take great pictures in formation!

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