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I have flown in Expert since IF went global. One thing I haven’t tried is flying fighter jets on Expert. I’m a little concerned about violations upon take off, can you guys reassure me that the 250Knt rule does not apply under 10,000ft. Also, can you give me pointers flying these jets, I’m a very experienced IF pilot, butlooking for a new challenge while not receiving a bunch of violations …TIA


You will not be given a violation for overspeeding under FL100.

Please be careful around airspaces, you can still be reported by controllers for “Speeding in an airport environment.”

While you won’t get a level 1 violation from flying over 250kts in a fighter u see 10,000ft, if you go a ridiculous speed off takeoff in a controlled airspace, you will be reported.

If in a controlled airspace, it is best to be mindful of pilots around and not go lightning speed in an airport environment

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You can and will get a level three violation if flying excessive speed in a controlled airspace. You have to fly speeds similar to that of a commercial aircraft when under ATC control.

See this topic — Fighter Aircraft Etiquette

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Thanks for the link👍

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If you do wish to simulate a real-life military scramble. Identify who is controlling the airport you are at, if any, and send them a PM so they know you wish to do that. It is best to always ask for permission from your controller before you attempt any major military drills.

Wise note - keep it under 300 kts when in controlled airspace

Fighter jets won’t receive any type of level 1 violations regarding speed in any server.

The only level 1 violations you have to be careful with are the aerobatic manoeuvres ones, for example airshows are only possible on casual server without getting violations.

On the ATC side, I recommend not flying there at all, especially in large HUBs.

Most likely you will be slowed down significantly and no possibility of simulation of a realistic flight.

Obviously going in ATC controlled airspaces is completely your choice, just for information.

Safe flights capitan.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I now feel more confident trying these out and not getting violations… Keep the wingtips up…👌

As a controller myself, I personally don’t care how fast you go upon takeoff unless
A) You loose separation with the aircraft that departed before you or
B) You demonstrate a lack of control of the aircraft at that speed. So essentially, don’t go supersonic in my airspace

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