Military interception spotting

I was able to do some unusual plane spotting on expert server today by practicing some military-style manoeuvres and checking on the wellbeing of the most important part of IF, the pilots.

I took off from Luke AFB (KLUF) shortly after 0100Z, intercepted SouthWest and Delta Air Lines flights, took some photos and headed to Nellis AFB (KLSV), where @Kamryn has been taking off at the time.

  1. Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-***** (Guess ;)) @Jean_Pierre_Nelson headed to Honolulu (I think, correct me if I’m wrong cos the fpl had about 10 airports)
  2. What Captain saw from his window
  3. And a nice far shot to highlight the beautiful terrain
  4. Southwest 2208 Boeing 737-800 headed to Denver Int (KDEN)
  5. Moonshot of course
  6. B-LITZ DC-10F headed somewhere Southbound

P.S. All manoeuvres were done in accordance with FAA documentation ;) It’s a pretty interesting read, so I’ll leave a link here if you fancy.

What Boeing 777 was it?
  • B777-200ER
  • B777-200LR
  • B777-300ER

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Nice South West shot! Looked like a fun flight.

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Moonshots always the winner 😍🌖

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😂😂😂 for all the ALWAYS REALISM people!

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Great shots! Thanks for the spot! Actually landing in March AFB right now!


WHERE IS THE DC-10F?! are you lying to me?

zoom in by the fighters nose

It would’ve been too easy if it was easy to spot (Air Force innit)

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so that is not a another fighter?
My eyes have betrayed me
my life is a lie
Why does nose run and feet smell?

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life= lie
but yes its a DC-10F