Military formation?

Hey guys. This morning I was gone from school, as I was getting my teeth worked on. I noticed multiple aircraft flying overhead in close formation, and they appeared to be fighter jets. Judging by the contrail thickness they appeared to be F-18s, but I wanted to double check here. They didnt show up on FR24.



Flight radar does not track military flights as it is illegal and can be considered spying. I also wonder if it is my good friend James. Where were you when they came by?

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I’ve seen a Swedish Military plane on Flight Radar 24🤷‍♂️

I don’t know. I definitely know that it does not pick up US Military Planes. It is all up to the Country’s military if they want their flights on FR24.


I was in northeastern Colorado, near the front range. They were flying west around FL250-300

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Or they just all don’t show up🤷‍♂️

They were hauling, no afterburners though. Judging by their altitude around 300-450 knots

I don’t know of any NAS locations in Colorado. They could be F-16s, F-15s, even A-10s. Also, its F/A-18s.

I’ve seen a lot of F-18’s here, so I’m guessing that.


Get it right boi.

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Don’t try to correct people when you don’t use the correct names yourself.

As far as I’m aware F18 and FA18 are both corrects since F means Fighter

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DoD typically doesn’t allow their aircraft be tracked on flight radar, they have a different tracking program unlike civilians. Though sometimes you can see them on there!

You need to get it right first, A10s are damn slow and rarely go above FL200!


Don’t worry. I was being sarcastic.

Facepalm I am truly an idiot.

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Just saying, the reason for Military Aircraft not showing up on flight trackers (generally, not all the time) is because they have a different type of transponder code that can’t be tracked. (Not completely sure, but I’m pretty sure I read this somewhere on FR24 in the FAQ section.) Anyway, those are some pretty good shots. From what it looks like, I think they were maybe doing a training mission. Can’t be completely sure though.

All that I know is that they came from Colorado Springs AFB. They were at the right altitude, and when I saw them in the distance about 7 minutes earlier they were headed directly away from it.

Today (because of the weather) the contrails were beautiful, they didn’t disperse like they normally do. 2 hours afterwards the contrails from the flight were still there (they made a left hand turn to the south), so all traffic from Denver made these beautiful patterns. It’s cloudy now, so I can’t get pics :(

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Just so I know i havent short changed anyone, here is a fresh link that should take you straight to the tracker:

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ADSB Exchange is better than FR24 for military aircraft. 360radar is apparently even better, but it requires payment.

I think they just block the location as the military doesn’t want to be tracked. They use mode 3/A on transponders usually though