Military FNF RAF - RKSO - EGVN

Hey everyone, Iā€™m making this post a bit later considering the FNF was last week, but I still feel like there relevant enough, hope you like the shots!

Flight details


Route: RKSO - EGVN
Aircraft: F22 & DC-10F
Flight parter: @Thifal_Attaullah
Server: Expert
flight time: 10 - 11 hours

Parked at RKSO

Flying over a mountain range somewhere in western Russia. (does anyone know what this mountain range is called?)

Aerial refuelling!

After a couple of hours, we begin our turn towards EGVN in a golden sunset!


Hope you enjoyed these shots! There will be more shots in @thunderboltā€™s screenshot competition! Remember to vote!


That golden hours pics šŸ˜³šŸ˜³šŸ‘€

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I loved the landing shots :D