Military FNF in the F14

Apparently I don’t fly fighters that much (only for escorting) but this time was a great experience for me. Usually, we mostly use commercial aircraft but I guess today was a bit different. Thank you to the community (or devs) for choosing today’s FNF. Here are some of my images.

Flight Info

Aircraft: Grumman F14


flight time: 3 hours and 13 minutes

Server: Expert

For the first images, I was still parked and almost finishing up my flight plan and making sure I have enough fuel (plot twist: I didn’t even though I put 100% fuel ). After everything was finished, I just wanted to get a good look at this speedy bird.

With a short taxi to the runway I managed to capture a DC-10 taking off and heading to where I was going. After takeoff clearance from tower, I got a moonshot with the F14.

With 3 hours of flying, I had to make a quick stop to some random airstrip/airport to refuel. I didn’t get any pictures because the airstrip was in the middle of nowhere. I had to refuel because I was 18 minutes away from the engines cutting off due to the lack of fuel. So I didn’t want to risk it and just decided to do a quick refuel. But anyways after another hour of flying I started my quick descent. On short final, I got a bunch of DC-10s in the background.

Finishing up the flight I parked right next to a DC-10 to show two American aircraft 🇺🇲. Got to say this was my first “official flight” with a military aircraft. Hope you enjoyed some of my pictures


Nice photos

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