Military Flight @ KLAX - 140830ZDEC2018

that will be 20:30. Using 24 hour time!

Oof sorry bout that

From KLAX to …

We all need to learn aha

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My brain is so dead

Later take your time to read this and this will give you a great understanding of how to create a tittle !

Ok thank you

Where are they flying to? Right now people are just spawning at KLAX. You need to give them some details on where they are going so they can load fuel, etc. This information would go in the route section.

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I had plans just to do formations and fun things

I recommend Casual Server for those things. :)

Shall we flight from KLAX to Edwards and then do whatever over Edwards?

If it’s a military flight the plan might just be to takeoff and fly somewhere, do some stuff and return when they start to run low on fuel.

Sure! Let’s do that

If that’s the case, it should be explained in the Additional Information section

Still on training server bro?

Yes let’s go on training and sorry diamond

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You’re fine. Just remember that for future reference ;)

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No worries, spawning in Cargo 09!

Which one!!!

I’m in the U.S. Airforce DC-10F