Military Fleet Update: Can we get some love here? Please

When are the updates coming for the military fleet? The C-17, F-16, and DC-10 all need updating. The updates to the F-18 are fantastic, but we do not all fly F-18s. For those of us who mainly fly the F-16 and C-17, we feel neglected. We’re flying legacy aircraft while watching others fly updated and new model airliners. Please show some love to the military community by updating the C-17 and F-16. Thanks.


There’s probably no plans for another military aircraft until when the devs announce if there’s any. :)

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Vote here. These were made for the excact reasons you listed

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As stated above if you want change, you have to vote for it. Also it doesn’t hurt to routinely fly these birds because community usage plays a big part as well. Trust me I perfer mil aviation over civil aviation but also understand the importance both parts play and that the devs can’t please all without going stir crazy. Everything comes in time and who’s to say they’re not planning these things off public radar :) just have to be patient. Cheers!

We just got the F-18.

I’m a lover of military aviation but I’m not sure I understand the argument here. It’s like saying “show some love for commercial aviation” because you don’t fly the ERJ and fly the CRJ instead. We’ve definitely invested in military aviation by reworking the F18 and adding accompanying features like military 3D objects.

No doubt I’d love a Moose or Viper too! Keep voting for what you’d like to see on Infinite Flight. It’s the best way to ensure it’s included in our next community poll for that particular aircraft category. 🤘


yeah, we did. do you read?

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