Military elephant walk and formation flights anyone?

Anyone military pilots wanna get together for some cool pictures and some formation flying?

Could get some people together at an unpopular region at a military base that usually is empty and line up for the elephant walk and then go up for some formation flying. I started something like this a while back, but stopped flying for a while so I never created the event, but I’m back and flying a few times a day so we can set something up! Original thread:

Try to get some pictures like this:

and this:

I was thinking a FP that looks something like this:

That way we have some decent distances between the waypoints so we have some time to get a good formation and some pictures!


Wait until your tl2 to create an event in #live:events

I planned on it before I was going to create the actual event. Just seeing if we would have anyone that would be interested. :)

There is a VA called IFES(Infinite Flight Escort Service). We specialise in group flights and formation flying. Here is the website:

Oh ok 👌🏿 Dw bout it

Yeah, I was going to apply!

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Cool it’s a great VA I’ll see you there shortly

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