Military Communities?

I have been playing Infinite Flight for about six months now, and I have noticed the various military aircraft and airports in the game. This prompted me to look into any sort of military communities or groups, but I have not been able to find any. Can anyone help me find some or is the some sort of rule against them?


Do you mean in real life

He means groups in Infinite Flight ;)

Civil Air Patrol is one

There’s a CAP VA? Lol


Yeah I mean Infinite Flight…

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Cough Global AIr Forces


Hello Joseph,

I represent one of the Military communities you are asking about. Our organization is Global Air Forces. We are the proffesional miliarty arm of Infinite Flight Aviation Experts. Our goal is to not only bring quality and proffesional pilots to IF in a military environment but to also project global air power and response and support. We operate both In the United States, United Kingdom, NATO affiliated countries and recently have started medium airlift support in Australia. We look for pilots who maintain access to expert server and whom are grade 3 and above. You do not have to be perefect or spotless believe me we all can relate to making mistakes but we do that ask that you join with an open mind and be willing to learn and even lead if called upon. Hope this helps


Andrew- GAF Secretary of Defense


I will for sure look into the Global Air Forces. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

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Hey! There are quite a few military groups here :).

dynamX is more focused on stunts using military aircraft and airshow-like performances.
USCG is based off of the Coast Guard and pilots will go on different simulated missions.

In addition, there is also the Global Air Force,which has already been mentioned by @Asneed8706, so I won’t go into too much detail about it.

If you are interested in joining any other flying groups, there’s always the VA/VO Database linked below. I’m sure all of the groups would be happy to have you among their ranks! Happy flying :)


No I don’t think so but thanks for the idea

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Isn’t IFAE-GAF some kind of military group inside of IFAE?

No the GAF is it’s own thing but it has extremely close ties with the IFAE

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We totally need that on the IFC 😂

Need IFAE or what lol

Hi there,
I noticed Team dynamX was mentioned in this thread. Just to give you a little more insight, dnmx focuses on airshow style flying essentially basing off our maneuvers from real live top tier demo teams. However, to maintain a generally high level in all situations of flying, we also use our close connection to GAF to simulate longer transition flights to airbases requiring a tanker. As we only take highly skilled pilots with experience, you may have to ensure first that your jet flying is on point. All requirements are listed on the website, which @BluePanda900 listed above.

Leader of dnmx

You may wanna check out the gallery of us, most importantly the videos. These display best what we do.

What are the differences between IFAE and GAF?

IFAE is a civilian
GAF is Military

@anon93248082 can you provide a link to the GAF page?

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