Military charters + a RARE MD-11!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy these shots!

2 days of spotting for today at SJC!

Day 1

One of THREE of Alaska’s 737 MAX 8’s!

The first of 3 military charters that SJC gets every year! Sun Country 737-800.

Military charter #2! National Airlines A330-200!

And the final military charter, a pretty rare Eastern Airways Express 737-700.

Day 2

Here is my first catch of the JetBlue A220-300, landing into the final minutes of daylight.

The GORGEOUS Canyon Blue Southwest 737 MAX!

Finally, the first flight of a brand new regular here at SJC! A Fedex MD-11, also my first catch of any MD-11. Hope you enjoy the videos too!

What was your favorite shot?

  • 1 (Alaska B38M)
  • 2 (Sun Country B738)
  • 3 (National A332)
  • 4 (Eastern Air Express B737)
  • 5 (JetBlue BCS3)
  • 6 (Southwest B38M (Canyon Blue livery)
  • 7 (Fedex MD11 photo #1)
  • 8 (Fedex MD11 photo #2)
  • 9 (Fedex MD11 video #1)
  • 10 (Fedex MD11 video #2)
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Beautiful shots mate!

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Enjoy the MD11 while you can! 9 have already left for retirement this year


yeah! i saw that they will have them until 2028.

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Amazing photos!

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thank you!

I was just about to see one land in Indianapolis airport ( a FedEx MD-11) but my plane turned and my view was no longer facing the runway but the rumble I heard from the thrust reversers is a rumble I hopefully won’t forget. It shook the whole plane! Nice pictures @rgaviation, I hoped you enjoyed the MD-11 arrival and departure. I love the sound of the older generation of engines before the new generations of high bypass engines came out with the likes of the NEO having them.

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thank you! appreciate it!

Oh. Thats why you wanted the videos 🤣. Great pics and videos

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haha yeah i had to include them. thanks for the feedback and that tutorial video you made helped a lot!

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No problem. Anytime

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Glad to see new heavies at SJC!

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yeah! really great.

Great pictures, per usual!

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thank you!


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that’s crazy

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