Military and others @KAFW

This morning I spent a few hours at Fort Worth Alliance airport which just recently was made 3D in IF

First off we got a C172 painted in a very unique cherry red color

Next we have a ATP C172 doing patterns

To round off the General Aviation we have a beautiful PC12

A Prime Air ATR coming in from it’s morning cargo run

Another Amazon plane this time a Prime Air 737-800F

First of the military we have a Mirage F1

Next we have a T38 coming in to do pattern work

Last but most certainly not least we have the star of the show a KC-10 tanker from Travis Air Force base

Camera: IPhone 13 pro max


Dang. That’s amazing for an iPhone!! Nice pictures :D

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What part of “tag me for moral support” did you not understand 😐. Great shots Will, love to see it

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Thank you

Whoops sorry


Wow! I didn’t know Prime Air operated the ATR! Awesome shots!!

Neither did I haha, awesome shots Will!

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Alliance is always fun in fact I was on left base for 34 left and an Amazon 767 was on final for 34 right it was crazy

My instructor took the photos I was too busy doing a go around because the wake turbulence from the 767

Yup we get couple every day at AFW

Thank you ❤️

I imagine that’s a weird experience lol it’s bad enough following in behind a Falcon at GLE


Lovely shots! I love that PC-12, and that KC-10 is just lovely.

Nice job!

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Thank you ❤️


Nice pictures! I like the amazon ATR a lot.

KC-10 looking tough .

They’re definitely something different from the normal cargo spotting

Oh yeah

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