Military airplane crash

A Vintage military aircraft crashed killing the pilot in California. The plane smashed into a mountain side the plane was a 1979 Nanchang CJ-6A single-engine aircraft.
Lucky no-one else was hurt and no forest fire occurred in result of the crash.


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Oh no, a historical aircraft gone is so sad see


Omg no! I’ve flown in this exact model of the plane. It’s such an amazing bird. Hopefully it wasn’t anyone I flew with in the Tiger Squadron out here in LA since the squadron is made of Nanchang’s and Yak aircraft. 😖

Why are there so many crashes in 2019? 😞

Every day there is an average of 3-4 crashes in most years! Some small warbird is significant, but not very much. 2019 has had a normal amount of aviation crashes.

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