Military aircrafts flying at military airports and manoeuvres vios

Just a thought:
I know there are no restrictions on CS for acrobatic in any airspace.
However, may I propose that restrictions be removed at military airports airspace (or some select airports) on ES and TS? Will allow teams to fly formations doing manoeuvres. Could be great fun for teams and allow then to put on airshows.

Groups like the IFAE, IFAF, and other military groups are doing perfectly fine practicing formations and such.

If however, you are desperate for this to be changed, please feel free to create a request in the #features category. Make sure it is a good request, and you create it properly.


Thank you, I am IFAE GAF and we do fly an number of different mission including formations.
How do you mean ‘create it properly’? Any advice on how to do this?

Give it a good reason to why the change should be implemented, vote for it, possible list instances on why a change would be important.

May I request a Mod to remove this post? Being a noob I posted this here and have now reposted as a Feature request. Apologies for the confusion.