Military Aircraft

Yesterday, LAFB and the AZANG did a citywide flyover to honor health care workers. Not the best shots, but here’s what it looked like. 1 KC-135, 7 F-35s, and 7 F-16s.

As a bonus, here are some close-ups of AZANG F-16s.


These are incredible shots!!

“Not the best shots” 😂 Those are amazing shots

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Awesome, purely awesome.

idk man that last one is pretty hot


Those last two our extremely hot

Those are great spots!

The last one is fire, great job!

Luke AFB 😍

I’ve been able to get onto the base before and it’s a great place! Even though at the end I started feeling sick as it’s Arizona and it was like 105 degrees lol

Nice pics!

Great pictures!

Thanks all. I’ll put a few of my recent airliners up next.

Love that last shot!! Fantastic!

Wow that’s so cool !

Those last two shots are especially amazing. Nice stuff dude!


OK, here are some more from a different era.


Wow! Awesome shots. I don’t get too many military aircraft because of where I live, must have been super cool!


Love these epic shots!

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Oh my goodness, the one with the ru wand the mountains. Holly cow. That’s 11/10 right there. Maybe top 10 aviation shots I’ve seen period…

I live directly under the approach to EGUL and EGUN ( RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall) and yesterday a pair of F-35B’s decided to pay us a visit.

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I love the high shutter speed in photo #3

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