Military Aircraft Speed Restrictions

I think we are all aware that military aircraft such as the C-130 and F-14 are not restricted by the normal 250kts. below 10,000ft. rule. I was wondering even though you don’t have to follow it, should you still follow that rule for realism or if not, what speed is considered to be realistic for a fighter jet or the C-130 when flying below 10k?

Sometimes I like to go on low altitude flights in an A-10 or F-22, but I do not know if I should gun it, or stay close to 250kts, so this is why I am asking this.


Well, I would say that’s on what your trying to recreate. Are you trying to recreate an interception mission or a ferry flight? Many fighter aircraft have no regards to the 250 below 10,000 if they’re on a time-sensitive mission. But if your just flying point to point, you should stay in the 250 knot range

edit: this is just my personal opinion

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I like to fly point to point, usually from air base to air base. I also like to fly 5k feet or less, just because that is more interesting.


Well, in that case, if it were me, i’d fly somewhere in the 250-260 knots range below 250 then gun it above 10,000


do you think I could go to 275 knots if it is a short flight (less than 15 minutes). I am weird, I like to hop from AB to AB

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Hello! We get a lot of issues with pilots on the ATC side who ignore the speed restrictions fully and this can lead to an immediate report.

When in the tower’s airspace: Try to keep it at the usual speed, mainly when traffic is around. We like to go with a 350kts maximum before we report instantly. But try to keep it lower.

When with appr/departure: You are free to speed up, but try not to go super fast yet (If still near the airport, keep the 350kts till you are farther away)

Center: You are sorta free to roam. I like to enforce a Mach 1 rule sometimes, but again, that is traffic dependent

Note: These are traffic-dependent. Tower is a pretty much set rule, but appr/dep and center speeds are traffic dependent. Don’t go Mach 1 right past another aircraft just trying to climb. Hope that helps.


Here is a topic on this by Tyler :)


Here’s my two sense: On Expert Server, play more on the conservative side. On the Training server - go to town.

If you’re concerned about realism however, I’m certain in real life that fighter jets don’t have the same speed restrictions as everyone, so when you’re near Bravo, or controlled towers I’d also play more conservatively.

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Thanks everybody for the feedback.

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It depends on surrounding traffic and IFATC. If it’s busy, fly like everyone else is flying and you won’t get into trouble. If IFATC is present then follow their instructions and avoid flying faster than 300 knots. If you want to fly faster, message the controller here to ask beforehand.

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