Military Aircraft procedures

After finding a lack of information on the forum surrounding military aircraft procedures especially in hostile airspace I figured I’d go ahead and share some things I’ve learned over the couple years of my fascination with aviation.

Hopefully some of this information you read here will provide more realistic flights on global if you decide to fly in airspace that’s hostile.

Military Aircraft use the lights just like civilian aircraft however in airspace that’s hostile or might pose a threat to the pilots and soldier’s safety, minimal exterior and interior lighting is vital.

So Strobe lights, Beacon lights and Landing lights remain off during landing procedures however formation lights (Slime lights) are used to avoid crashing into each other in a formation flight, however even these are turned off or dimmed as usually the Military have IR (infared) lights that are not visible to the human eye but visible to electronic equipment such as NVG’s (night vision goggles).

Which from my understanding is used to this day in some take off and landing procedures in combat zones.

Example of the slime lights

Finding a source online to backup my explanation was difficult but this thread was good:

Landing procedures

While operating in dangerous skies things still need to get done and people still need to travel, that’s why there are different ways for aircraft’s to land.

Assault landing :
This is a manoeuvre when the nose of the plane is aimed down in a very steep angle and the nose is them pulled back up last minute and leveled out to land on the runway.

This is to avoid a long approach to the runway making the plane a slow moving target.

You can find many videos online on how this is done, I must say these pilots have guts of steel.

Corkscrew landing:

Used by most commercial airliners in hostile airspace to protect crew and passengers is a manoeuvre that would throw anyone off.
A sharp decent in a spiral motion until a clear for the runway:

I know there are a couple of military personal both active and retired on this forum that will definitely know more than me, so if you’re able to provide more or correct anything I got wrong please do.

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Very informational and I will definitely be using this!

Thanks! (I learn something new every day)

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I will definitely add more information as new updates come out for fighter jets

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