Military aircraft Concessions

Military aircraft often fly a different profile to their civilian counter parts. In busy airspace they might be constrained to flying in a similar fashion, however, in lots of environments they are not.

As an example, around a military airbase aircraft will not be constrained to the >250kts below 10kft rule and a break-to-land manoeuvre will be used to enter a circuit, bleed of extra speed and set up for landing. This manoeuvre begins at greater than 250kts.

Can some concessions be made to allow military aircraft to be flown in a manner befitting their role? I only ask because tonight’s FNF includes Baghram Air Field - the type of tactical flying being conducted in that part of the world would result in many violations despite flying in a realistic fashion.


The 250kts below 10,000 feet rule is waived for fighters, in general (except within 15 miles of the landing airport). However this doesn’t mean you can go blazing through at Mach 1 on a low pass.

There are some basic rules and etiquette that fighters need to follow. There’s a great topic here that outlines this:


But be sure not to fly to fast as some controllers don’t like it,

For example pushing 350-400 knots to an unrestricted climb which is realistic real fighters do it, but some controllers don’t like how fast you are going. As well as when you do carrier breaks and low approaches.

Beside the post @CaptainSooraj linked in his post (😁) it is in real world the same as in IF:
When in controlled airspace you do what the controller told you.
Full afterburner unrestricted climb wouldn’t be done without clearance in real world, you won’t do in IF.

Yes, you need to know the controller or contact him in IFC because we have only predefined phrase in IF that didn’t cover this, but if you have contact and clearance with and from the controller you can do it.

When there is no controller it is your responsibility to deconflict from any civilian traffic around. This the same as in real world shared use airspace.

The thing we do not have in IF (at the moment) is reserved airspace for military training.

Sometimes, I’ve done this at Shaw AFB while atc was active and the only thing I was warned about was speed.
Probably because I was flying the VIPER but still.

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